(7th, 8th, 9th,10th  and 11th of September 2011)

  The 2011 Festival Brazil, using the experience of Brazil Live Festivals 2009, 2010 and joining forces to Aruandê Capoeira Festival continues with the intention to explore the diversity of Brazilian Culture with emphasis on Capoeira.

Capoeira is a Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, sports, music and dance.It was created in Brazil mainly by descendents of African slaves with native influences.It is known by quick and complex moves using kicks, sweeps, defences some ground based and acrobatic moves that performed with live music was desguised as a dance but actually is a fight, in Brazil has the status a sport with competions and games,

We intend to bring together those that work with Capoeira, Traditional Brazilian Dances in New Zealand and overseas to increase exchange between Brazilian and New Zealand artists and continue emphasizing the workshops and “Rodas”(games of Capoeira) as a way to strength the promotion and mixing of Brazilian culture and the local public. This year we will celebrate 20 years of Professor Perere’s practice of Capoeira.

  Aruandê Capoeira in New Zealand is coordinated by João Rodrigues Rosa (Pererê) and teaches classes in Dunedin, Christchurch and Wellington. Born in Cuiaba, Brazil, he has been teaching Capoeira for 18years  and had been in New Zealand for 5 years.

Aruandê Capoeira festivals are held annually since 2006. These events have seen the presence and participation of internationally known masters of Capoeira from Brazil, USA and Australia. Capoeira Aruandê continues to grow and develop in New Zealand using the Festivals / “Batizado” to offer an annual opportunity for students to and local communities to experience and learn about Brazilian culture with instructors of the highest international level.


ZambaBem Productions and ZambaBem Dances are run by Clo Mudrik, who has extensive experience as:

  1. A Samba Performer (passista and Comissao de Frente of Samba Schools Perola Negra, Tom Maior and Gavioes da Fiel);
  • Clo has travelled the world performing shows of Capoeira and Samba with Mestre Brasilia and Gladson;
  1. As a circus performer and producer (Aerials, Acrobatics, Juggling and Fire) – worked in Brazil with companies as Circodelico, Acrobatico Fratelli and Circo Minimo;
  2. Physical theatre – worked in Argentina with T.S.O. and in Spain with La Fura Dels Baus.
  3. Clo also taught for 17 years as a P.E. at Schools in Sao Paulo and at Escola Livre de Teatro in Santo Andre was a physical training tutor.

In New Zealand Clo is been teaching Samba, Brazilian Dances, Capoeira and Circus Skills for the last 8 years, taught at Wellington Performing Arts Centre and Te Whaea(NZ Dance School), is the Dance Director of Wellington Batucada, in last 2 years was part of Brazealand Band, she is producer with Alda Rezende with Live Brazil Festival and Brand Ambassador of ESTADIO-Centro Cultural Gastronomico.


The proposal of Festival Brazil/Capoeira Aruande is:

1) Bring out Masters of Capoeira from overseas (Brazil and USA) and teachers of Capoeira in New Zealand:

  • Master Armando from Sao Paulo/Brazil that works with developing Social Inclusion Projects with streets kids using Capoeira as a tool of Education and Sport;


  • Master Urubu Malandro from San Francisco, in 1990, Urubu formed the professional Capoeira group Gingarte, and performed throughout Brazil and South America, the United Kingdom, and the USA. In 1989 and 1991, Urubu went on tour as a featured dancer and musician with the internationally acclaimed folkloric revue, Oba! Oba!. In 1993, he appeared in the San Francisco Opera’s presentation of Turandot to rave reviews. Urubu is also an accomplished percussionist with extensive knowledge of Brazilian rhythms, including classic samba, afoxe, and the sacred rhythms of candomble. (http://www.capoeirausa.com/)
  • Mestre  Junior from Auckland has over 21 years of practice and 14 years of teaching this magnificent art form. He opened a branch of the Au Capoeira School in New Zealand 5 years ago with the mission to pass on the knowledge of Capoeira.


  • Instrutor Mercurio from Mt. Manganui established Group Capoeira Brasil  in 2002  in New Zealand  under the supervision of Master Paulinho Sabia, one of the founders of Group Capoeira Brasil,  Tulio has been teaching Capoeira in the Bay of Plenty since 2006, and currently teaches both kids and adult classes in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Papamoa and Te Puke.


  • Mestre Brabo from Auckland started Capoeira in New Zealand 13 years ago and his style of Capoeira is the Primitive and Traditional Capoeira Angola.


All teachers will be teaching 2 workshops of Capoeira, music and Maculele (folk dance with sticks or machetes), open to the public. at Massey University Recreation Centre (Entrance C, Massey University 
Wallace St, Mt Cook, Wellington).

2) Offer dance, food, percussion and mocktails workshops:

  • Traditional Brazilian Dance: Samba de Roda with Clo Mudrik (ZambaBem Dances);
  • Food Workshop with Teacher TBC (Brazilian Dish TBC);
  • Percussion Workshop using instruments of Capoeira for musicians taught by Masters of Capoeira;
  • Brazilian Movies.

3) Capoeira Aruande Batizado (ceremony of Graduation);

4) Show ZambaBem Dance Company & Capoeira Aruande to Celebrate 20 years of Professor Perere in the Capoeira.

COST:$250.00 for all event or $20.00 each workshop.

Bookings: http://nzcapoeira.co.nz/